At Okiki & Son Resources Limited, we have a standard music recording studio, producing a World Class Music audio and video quality. We have worked with prominent Islamic and Fuji Artistes in Nigeria including Kollington, Otibiya, Alao Sule Malaika etc

Our Services also include:

– Digital Audio Post Production
Recording and editing for post audio and assembling complex sound tracks.

– Voice Over
Narration Recording and Editing, Professional DVD, video and audio production.

– Music Production
Our staff of engineers, performers, and composers, will work with you for a creative solution, within budget, and at deadline.

– DVD Production
HD Quality video filming, editing, and DVD Production

– Mastering
Mastering provides the final “sheen” for your project and insures your audio will sound its best on every system it’s played on as well as internet and radio formats. The process is part art and part science. Final adjustments are made to your project including equalization, compression, expansion, reverb, spacial imaging, volume, trimming, sequencing and spacing between tracks.

We employ state of the art analog and digital processing with excellent conversion and monitoring to provide our clients with professional formats for duplication and broadcast.